Seems I’m on a roll – may as well continue.br /br /One of our students has taken up the challenge and designed a uniform for the school. This is a daunting task, since our requirements are several:br /br /ulliMust at least “look” historical, i.e. pourpoint/cotte/cotehardie style/liliMust resist wrestling techniques without being destroyed. Fiore’s fighting is “shirt wrestling” and we find our techniques have been compromised by the lack of appropriate clothing./liliMust be relatively cheap (i.e. $70 range) so as to not become a barrier for entry./liliMust be relatively easy to produce, since we’ll be making these things ourselves and if we outsource them, well, it needs to be dummy proof./li/ulI have to say Rachel outdid herself. The design she came up with more than fulfills all those requirements, and I’m glad to say we have adopted them as our uniforms.br /br /Hurdles yet to be overcome: finding affordable fabric n the right color. Blue canvas ain’t easy to come by…br /br /A uniform of some type must also be made for the youth classes, although our requirements aren’t as stringent. For the youth class, we want to incorporate some kind of decorum to keep the young ‘uns in line. Our last class went well, but there was a general lack of discipline and it showed. Something to rectify in the future without, of course, going “boot camp” on them.

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  1. Rachel

    I#39;m happy to contribute to the school.br /I#39;m honored that the model I came up with was adopted.br /We found the fabric we need, now I hope I can deliver as promised.

  2. Rachel

    First one is completed. Jason tried it out and wore it during last nights training. He made me a few comments and suggestions but overall he was thrilled.br /Work on the others is going real well.

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