Thrusting set play drill

Alright.  I admit it.  I stole this drill wholesale from Guy’s school.  Sue me.  The original can be found at  I’ve posted this here as a memory aid for out group.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi. Just my two cents. I've done this drill a lot and this is what I noticed. For waht it's worth. I wouldn't say a wholesale copy. Your footwork is a bit different. Guy teaches a more forward diagonal accressere step as opposed to the more sideways step the defender takes in the vid. This then can be followed by a passing step along the same line. The defense seemed to be a closing of the line with a beat followed by a thrust to the face. This works for sure even if it's a due tempi defence. In the drill I've learned, it's an exchange of thrust, the line is closed in frontale and accressere fora di strada (as described above)and rather than beat/push the incoming thrust away, the defenders sword point is walked through the attacker's face/chest on the passing step (passare alla traversa). I guess that although the footwork may be described as an action in two times, the sword action is only in single time. One final comment: the initial defense, was it a frontale or simply an attempt to beat the sword away? If the former it was very low, particularly as the incoming thrust is coming from an initially high guard. They could just have easily dropped the point through your face/throat. As you know you could still beat/exchange with a higher frontale (your cross at your own face height) and cover your head at the same time. In the original video iirc, the incoming thrust is from tutta porta di ferro and so the frontale cover/beat needs to be lower, as was shown in this vid. Still, nice work and I LOVE your training tunics! The blue colour is FAB! Kevin (snowcelt)

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