Spada en arme class – Companion class

Been awhile since I posted anything meaningful, and that’s mostly since we’ve been working on basics and things we’ve already been over. Couple this with work and the upcoming pas d’armes which has strangely taken up more of my time than I thought it would, and there you have it.

There is one thing I wanted to share, however, and that is the Spada en arme (sword in armour or halfsword) poste “dance.” I’ve tried to develop a poste dance for each of the sections of the manuscript that incorporates footwork and the poste of that section, and this is no exception. Remind me to bring a camera to class and film these.

Without further adieu, here is the sequence:

Half sword poste dance:

  1. Breve serpentina, volta stabile to
  2. Vera croce, grip switch & tutta volta to
  3. Serpentina la soprana, pass to
  4. Porta di ferro mezana, pass back to
  5. Posta saggitaria (hand facing body), grip switch & volta stabile to
  6. Croce bastarda, grip switch & pass back to step 1.

The next step in the development of these drills is to insert the principal actions deriving from those poste, creating more solo drills and tying it in to the manuscript. No rest for the weary.