Spada a una mano class 09/03/11

Tonight we worked the low guards as defences, using the duo of dente di cinghiale and porta di ferro to complement one another, since they are at least tactically, the mirror of one another.  I’m writing from memory here, so forgive me if I muddle some of the details.

The first three drills from dente di cinghiale went as follows, all three against fendente mandritto:

  1. Without stepping, set aside the attack from below and cut to the Companion’s hand.
  2. Taking a slight acressere with the right foot, parry the blow from below and directly attack the head with a mandritto.
  3. First stepping fora di strada, parry the blow, then pass with the left foot, control the Companion’s hand, and move into posta di finestra for the thrust.
We then followed with plays from porta di ferro, left foot forward, using the falso filo.
  1. Against a mandritto, step fora di strada, parrying from below and sideways in a “windshield wiper”-like motion.  Attack the hand.
  2. Against a roverso, parry from below from the inside using the same mechanic, attack the head.
  3. Against a roverso, parry below from the outside, passing to the right.  Attack the arm or close and press the hand.
Finally, we did the plays with the dritto filo from porta di ferro.
  1. Against a mandritto, cut up into posta frontale, deflecting the blow.  Drop the sword to the hands then thrust to the chest or cut sottani to the face.
Ummm… there was another one, I’m sure, but I forget it off-hand, and I left my written notes back at the sala, so they’re gone forever.  Regardless, this should do insofar as memory-aids go.
As an aside, I’m really thinking of setting up a tripod and filming the demos of the drills and techniques we do, for posterity and future reference.  Having a bank of these things on video would be immensely helpful, I’m sure.  I just need to find a way without making it unduly  time-consuming in terms of setting up, etc.  If it’s a pain in the ass, it ain’t gonna happen.