Prize play

Let it hereby be known that a prize play will be held on Wednesday, July 11th at 19:30 at our sala, located at 300 avenue Des Pères Blancs, Ottawa. The candidates are Jim Clark, school brewmaster extraordinaire, and Dan Sellars – noted English gentleman. They will be challenging for the esteemed rank of Companion at Arms with Les Maîtres d’Armes. Both candidates previously completed both the theoretical and practical requirements for accession to said rank, and must be met in a feat of arms to be  formally accepted into the ranks of the Companions.

The challenge, representing a feat of arms, will comprise no less than five (5) bouts with the longsword, each bout consisting of 5 passes each. Furthermore, they will be required to defend against no less than two (2) opponents armed with daggers, whilst being unarmed themselves. Winning is not a requirement, candidates must simply demonstrate the ability to defend under duress. May God have mercy on their souls!

These bouts will be accompanied by the formal ritual ceremony that this rite of passage deserves, and we invite everyone willing to participate or view the proceedings to attend  – you are all most welcome, and chairs will be set up for the gallery. Of course, all students of LMA are asked to attend and offer support and bear witness to the proceedings. After the prize play, you are all invited to attend to the (hopefully successful) challengers by offering them copious amounts of beer at the New Edinborough pub.

We wish the candidates the best, and look forward to sharing the after-pint at the pub!

Jason Smith
Principal Instructor