Pair forms

This is my last one for tonight, I promise. I guess I’m feeling prosaic…

It has come to my attention that there is a tool missing in our shed. Aside from solo forms (which I have developed and will now become part of our grading requirements) I think pair drills or rather forms should be incorporated into our training.

Let me be clearer as to what I mean. We already have several “flow drills” and cooperative drills work fine for certain things, but I think a kata-like set of movements to memorize might be another bridge in students’ understanding. Something with a definite beginning and end and interwoven movements where both Players respond in a predefined way to the others’ movements and cycle through the base movements of the system, preferably reversing roles at the end of the cycle.

One example of this is of course the abrazare drill mentioned in a previous post that I will shamelessly rip off, but I think I need to develop something similar for the dagger, single sword and longsword. Knowing myself, I’ll probably make one for the abrazare as well… Another project…

It almost seems like this will never end, like its a lifetime of study, like… but wait… that’s exactly what it is.