Library Demonstrations

This summer, LMA is happy to announce that we’ll be doing a series of demonstrations in the Ottawa public libraries. These demonstrations are aimed primarily at children chilling over the summer holidays, but rest assured that there is something there for everyone, big or small! We’ll be offering two types of demonstration:

  • Arming a knight: an interactive demonstration of medieval armour and weapons, and yes, there is a fight!
  • Martial demonstrations: showcasing the weapons and techniques of the medieval man at arms. Guess what? More fights!

Dates and locations for the demonstrations are as follows:

Martial Demo
Wed July 18 1pm
Munster branch
7749 Bleeks St., Ottawa

Arming a Knight
Tues July 17 2pm
Sunnyside branch
1049 Bank St., Ottawa

Martial Demo
Wed July 25 10:30am
Greenboro branch
363 Lorry Greenberg Drive,Ottawa

Arming a Knight
Thurs July 26 2pm
North Gloucester branch
2036 Ogilvie rd, Ottawa

Martial Demo
Wed Aug 12pm
Alta Vista branch
2516 Alta Vista, Ottawa

Arming a Knight
Thurs Aug 22pm
Hazeldean branch
50 Castlefrank Rd., Ottawa

Arming a Knight
Tues Aug 7 2pm
Cumberland branch
1599 Tenth Line Rd., Ottawa,

Martial Demo
Wed Aug 8  2pm
St. Laurent branch
515 Côté St., Ottawa