Hitting a wall

I think I’m in trouble.

No, not “the long arm of the law” trouble.  And no, not the wife and kids packing up and leaving type either.  I mean I may have bit off more than I can chew.

This is, of course, my normal modus operandi.  Like many others, I’m swamped with work, not to mention a bunch of projects of my own making.  Armour projects.  Training Guides.  Syllabi.  Class outlines.  Interpretations.  New drills.  Methods of approaching specific training problems for particular students.  Le Jeu de la Hache translation.  And that’s just for my hobby!

So what did I do now?  Well, I’m preparing a conceptual approach to Fiore’s plays for Chivalric Weekend in Sandy Creek in July.  I need to get it started now so I can guinea-pig it on my students in a couple of months, giving me time to work out the kinks for CW.  Except I’m stumped.  I’ve got an idea., a concept, and alot of understanding.  I just haven’t the foggiest idea how to approach the material, or rather, how to structure the seminar.  I start writing and stop.  Possessed by some sudden flash of genius, I start again only to realise it was  a neuron misfiring.

What’s worse?  When the concept came to me and flowered in my mind, it was all clear.  In a moment of clarity unlike any other I have since experienced, I saw exactly every single bit of the seminar and how the pieces fell together – what to show, how to explain it, the concepts involved, and then BAM!  Gone.  Didn’t write it down fast enough.

And now I’m in trouble.  I hit that wall.

Hopefully my writer’s block will disappear in short order.  I’m going to stop obsessing over it for a few days, and let the cobwebs in my mind clear.  I think putting it on the back-burner for a few weeks will help it become clear once again.

At least that’s the plan.

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  1. KOB

    Hi man. Keep a cool head. It seems as if your hobby has become rather more than something fun to do a couple/three times a week. Speaking from my own experience, you are probably doing waay more than is necessary for the successful running of your group. Have any of your students complained? I very much doubt it, judging from following your website and blog. There are 2 things you might immediately do:
    1:Put all else on hold to concenrate on the upcoming project. You must have senior students who could lead training while you focus on other things.
    2:Linked with the first point, delegate! If you're feeling pressure, do something to spread the burden onto other shoulders.Again from your blog and the happy smiling faces I've seen from your training videos, they look like a good bunch and are enthusiastic. Give them a bit of responsibility!

    Good luck!

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