Fundamentals Class (Apprentice) 19/01/11

Tonight’s class was the culmination of our 3-week series on grappling fundamentals, in particular unbalancing using the Companion’s movement by extending their steps along the line formed by their feet (along the “T” if you will)
  • Warm up
  • Footwork exercise – focus on fluidity and speed (mezza volta)
  • Poste dance
  • Falling practice – leap frog rolls
  • Review of the past week’s classes
  • Expose on the methods of breaking structure
  • Gambarola exercise (leg tripping takedown) – focus on using movement to effect the unbalancing/breaking structure which is then accentuated by the hands.  Gambarola moving backward, forward and to the side, on both sides.
  • Segue into a shoulder throw.  Illustrate how the gambarola is a backward takedown, while the shoulder throw/takedown is a result of different relative positioning, making the Companion fall forward rather than back. Free form drill where students experiment with different pivot points for the throw: full hip, half hip, over the leg, etc.
Last week, we practiced largely the same thing, but focused on different grips for the gambarola: lapel grip (frontale), arm grip (frontale to one side), longa (neck and elbow hold), porta di ferro (belt hold) and zenghiaro (underhook to the body).  Examination of how different grips can affect distance and fulcrum.
All in all, good classes with students really starting to grasp how the unbalancing functions.  While not necessarily able to consistently do the technique, due to varying conditions, the understanding is there.  More work with the dagger next week.