Fundamentals Class 30/03/11

Some very simple drills tonight – a return to basics.

Class began with the usual warmup, followed by some cutting drills. Actually, *a* cutting drill, done at various speeds.

  1. From posta di donna, back weighted, transfer weight forward while bringing sword off shoulder
  2. Bring sword to just in front of the body, frontale-like.
  3. Step with a pass, extending the cut into posta longa.
  4. Recover to dente di zenghiar.
The first iteration, I had the students do cuts in steps, as outlined above.
Next iteration, one count, but at slooooow speed.  Focus on mechanics and balance.
Next iteration, half speed, again focusing on fluidity and posture/mechanics.
Last iteration, done as fast as possible while maintaining structure, balance and form. This speed will vary depending on the student.
Next set of drills focused on one defence: the second master parry versus three cuts: fendente, mezani and sottani. There had been some question as to how to parry these latter blows, since we focus very little on them. Part of that reason is the poor tactical choice both mezani and sottani make as opening attacks, and thus my concerted effort to discourage their use in this manner. Second, well… since we often focus on manuscript plays, and there are no specific parries for these for the most part, I simply glossed them over.  Mea culpa.  Hopefully, the theme for the evening addressed these concerns.