Fundamentals class 2/10/2013

Tonight’s class saw a bunch of eager new students. I opened with a quick warm up designed to get the heart rate up, with an interval, then back up again so as to promote cardio and recovery.

This was followed by some simple exercises to get going: inside and outside moulinets, one handed then two handed. This promotes wrist flexibility and a relaxed grip and is fundamental to swordplay in general.

emFendente/em through cuts followed, from a static position. This was followed by emfendente/em on the pass, and false edge emsottani/em with the same footwork. This was me tricking them into integrating footwork and cuts.

I introduced emposta di donna/em, demonstrated a few actions from here, then proceeded to practise basics in the form of basic parries versus emfendente,/em emmezani,/em and emsottani,/em all of which are ultimately the same cover in emposta breve/em. The defences were then drilled dynamically.

Next week will pick up there, we’ll get some specific footwork drills in, introducing that nomenclature, more cuts (specifically from emposta di Donna/em), a recap, and then the oh shit emfrontale/em parry as an introduction to collections and beats.