Fundamentals Class 12/10/2011

Warm up included paired push ups. One person lies on top of the other, head to feet. Synchronising their movements, both do a push up. The person on top is thus doing a plank in the air, simultaneously working their core.  Let down, roll over, do it again. repeat across the room. This was followed by doing the simple wheelbarrow exercise with a partner.

We then played a cool game of Trollball, to everyone’s delight, just to get the juices flowing. This was followed by some medicine ball grappling, whereby a medicine ball is put between two people and they must grapple over it and attempt to remove it from the others’ grip.

Paired backward falling exercises ensued, after which the attributes required of a man at arms were explained along with Fiore’s four virtues. We also visited his “five things” to do when going against a dagger (which I believe applies to the whole philosophy of his art): Strike, bind, break, disarm and throw.

Grips stemming from the poste were visited, with drills set up so that students gained a grip and were to use the various poste to break them. I.e. a bear hug (frontale) is broken by using porta di ferro against the hips to create space. Against a back hold (porta di ferro), use a two handed face push (frontale), and so forth. The previous plays of abrazare were presented as exemplars of longa versus boar’s tooth.
Finally, a nice, relaxed rendition of the poste dance to round out the evening’s work.  Good work, folks.