Fundamentals class 12/02/2014

After a warm up featuring the sword as a focal point for exercises (I’ve found integrating the sword to add a layer of complexity and some additional weight to the average, mundane exercise,) tonight featured more dagger work, with a review of last week’s class where we visited the first remedy master of dagger, focusing on application versus an aggressive, determined attacker, with multiple attacks. It was limited, somewhat artificially, to simple mezani dritto attacks (mandritto), but it was no less intense for that. Beginning with simply the cover, then cover and control, and finally cover, control and apply a technique. To simplify follow-on actions, students were given a binary choice of techniques: a takedown, gambarola style, or a ligadura mezana.

After this initial review, we visited the third remedy of dagger, with similar parameters. First the cover, then control, then apply a technique.

Once the third remedy had been sufficiently practised for the evening, we moved to applying the whole of what we’d worked on for the last 5 minutes or so of class. Attacker attacks forcefully and determinedly with either a mandritto or roverso, and the defender must do what he can to defend.

Next week, we’ll visit the 4th and 9th remedies and apply them against big, mean people as well.