Fundamentals Class 10/10/2012

We began with a review of our four guards from last week: posta di donna, posta longa, porta di ferro, posta frontale. We then repeated some of the previous week’s drills: Half cut w/o a step, full cut, full cut w. a pass, and finally introducing the triangle or compass step with a cut.

  1. Beginning left foot forward, traverse right with your right foot while cutting fendente mandritto.
  2. At the end of your cut, realign yourself along the centreline by pivoting on the ball of your right foot, bringing your right foot behind to align yourself anew with your target.
  3. Recover to posta di donna la sinestra (left).
  4. Repeat from the other side. You should be able to traverse back and forth across the centreline without moving significantly forward.

A compound cut was introduced at the same time as the traverse performed with an acressere. The drill begins as above, but after the initial step and cut, a second step towards the right is taken with the lead foot, while performing a moulinet to the outside, with a colpi fendente. Recover and repeat on the other side. This drill can also be done with a strammazone to the inside, cutting mandritto.

Finally, frontale  defences were reviewed and students were allowed to practise more free-form. Follow-ups to the collection were visited, as well as the canonical Fiore method for parrying by stepping into the cut. First follow-up was the break – after collecting the sword, breaking it to the ground and returning with a rising cut (simultaneously and unnofficially introducing the sottano). The second was a neutral bind, resulting in a blade grab and riverso cut.

The frontale deflection was followed up by a step offline and immediate counter-cut to the head. More advanced students of course recognised this, and were asked to follow up with a cut to the hands and immediate thrust.

Next week will introduce frontale on the left and available options, as well as the rising deflection.