Fundamentals Class 10/06/2015

With the summer season approaching, attendance was low. This turned out to be a good thing, since we got to focus on some very low-level fundamentals before playing a bit.

The warmup included some dynamic stretching and footwork (“pinball drill”), before moving into a simple moulinet paired drill to get the blood pumping. The focus was less on form, and more on getting people moving.

Getty Eighth playThis was followed by a review of attacking mechanics with the dagger. Weapon first, step second (from wide measure), from varied guards, focusing on Fiore’s four main described attacks: mandritto, roverso, fendente and sottano. This was then practised again “from the draw”.

The first and second master covers were briefly visited, as a review, with an adjunct review of the balance or triangle point, lines of force, grounding and energy transmission. Class ended with an exploration of the eighth play of the first remedy of dagger (the displacement from the outside.) Focus was on offline movement (there’s a reason it’s rarely done) and looking at possible follow-up actions.