Fundamentals Class 08/04/15

A quick core strength warm up preceeded tonight’s class, as there was a lot of material to cover, and we wanted to jump right into it.

Following the warm up, we reviewed the poste dance (as opposed to the poste drill), which goes as follows:

  1. Begin in tutta porta di ferro
  2. Volta stabile and raise into posta di donna la soprana, back weighted
  3. Keeping it parallel to the ground, raise sword over head to posta di finestra destra, back weighted
  4. Change direction of intent, transitioning into posta di donna la sinestra, back weighted
  5. Passare to posta longa
  6. Volta stabile to porta di ferro mezana
  7. Passare to posta breve destra
  8. Tornare to dente di cinghiale
  9. Volta stabile to posta di coda longa
  10. Passare and turn to posta di bicorno
  11. Raise to posta frontale
  12. Volta stabile in the transition to dente di cinghiale mezana
  13. Volta stabile to tutta porta di ferro

Following this, we reviewed the poste drill, beginning from step 3 (see past posts for details.) I must, at this point, admit to a mea culpa, since I had students repeat the last step of the drill from last week (from coda longa to a pommel strike) without passing in the initial fendente. I will rectify this in the future, and hope it doesn’t confuse anybody unduly. The written drill as detailed here and elsewhere has primacy over whatever brain fart I may have had. In other words, Bern, I acknowledge the strange look you gave me – I concede you were correct. 😉

From the pommel strike, left foot forward:

  1. Pass back, pivoting left (volta stabile) into posta di bicorno
  2. From bicorno, perform volta stabile di spada and thrust with a pass from posta di finestra
  3. Pivot left again, assuming posta frontale
  4. Break an imaginary thrust down, cutting fendente to the hands to dente di cinghiaro, returning with a thrust to the face and a fendente, ending in…
  5. dente di cinghiaro. From here, perform rebatter from below, return with a fendente roverso, ending in tutta porta di ferro.
  6. Repeat drill from beginning.

The last part of the class involved a set play/flow drill with the goal of facilitating bridging the gap from practise to freeplay. More on this drill next week,