Fundamentals Class 01/04/2015

Class began as usual, with a warm up, followed by some cutting exercises. Reprising the previous class’ exercise, rotation around the rotational node was emphasised – half cuts (meza colpi) to posta breve (short guard), meza colpi to posta longa (long guard) to emphasise the difference, and finally compound cuts: pass with a fendente, moulinet with a roverso, ending in Tutta porta di Ferro, return to Posta di donna, repeat, do on both sides.

The poste drill (as opposed to the poste dance) was revisited to refresh students’ memory of the first six steps (available in previous posts – I’ll post up the complete sequence once class gets through it all). The next steps in the sequence were then added, as follows:

  • From porta di ferro mezana, right foot lead, pivot left (volta stabile), rising into posta breve.
  • From posta breve, thrust with a pass forward (passare), recover to posta breve serpentina (1/2 sword guard) and thrust again with an accressere.
  • Drop the sword to dente di zenghiaro, cut under the hands, recover, thrust to the face with an accressere.
  • Recover by pivoting left into posta di coda longa (tail guard). Cut with a pass into posta frontale, raise the pommel and pommel strike forcefully with a passare of the left foot.

This was followed by some drilling the rompere di punta to either side (left and right) from low guards tutta porta di ferro and dente di zenghiaro to finish the evening. I believe the rompere from the left to be sub-optimal, but it can still be done – its success relies on the alignment of the hands to body – try to refrain from crossing your hands in this action.

Next class: finally finish the sequence, and perhaps get some video!