Free training 2/09/09

With the new uniforms, we of course did some wrestling.

First off, we looked at the methods and directions in which we can unbalance an opponent. Coincidentally, there are 8 basic directions to unbalance your opponent – front and back, side to side and along the four diagonals. Having assumed a fighting stance, we can eliminate two of those – the directions along the line between the feet. the best line being the one towards where the support is lacking – perpendicular to the line between the legs and towards what we term the triangle point.

Unbalancing the opponent is a matter of breaking his alignment. What to we mean by this?

The hips should be in line with the shoulders, spine straight. get these elements out of line, and we have an unbalanced position. There are two ways of going about this – get the shoulders out from over the hips or move the hips out from under the shoulders. Additionally, removing the support (leg) helps the whole deal go down much smoother. Simply taking out the leg alone will often not accomplish this, but remove the leg while pushing, pulling or otherwise breaking the opponent’s structure and you have a takedown.

We first played with grabbing the opponent to make him move. You can do this either by reaching across the body (exposing his outside if you pull) or reaching directly and pushing or pulling. We neglected the leg lift at this time.

All this theory is simple enough to execute against a compliant opponent, but it gets far more difficult against a resisting opponent. Entering and performing the takedown is the difficult part. In this light, we then practiced trying to get to the outside to do a gambarola type takedown. Part of the exercise was to get the opponent moving in some fashion, either by pulling or pushing or by exercising patience and waiting for the moment when the opponent steps to interrupt him mid-stride, occupying his space and breaking his balance.

After some of this, well, let’s be honest. It degenerated. We started to play. Drill turned to wrestling freeplay. I usually frown upon this sort of thing, but hell – it was fun. All work and no play make Jason a dull boy, after all…

So hopefully, next week we’ll actually do something of worth, and I’ll have something to blab about other than us playing at wrestling.

Nix that. I’ll be in WMAW getting my ass handed to me next week.