Fall Session

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Have you ever dreamed of being a knight? Swashbuckling like in the movies? Then perhaps it’s time you made your fantasy reality! Come try the martial art of Armizare with Les Maîtres d’Armes.

A new session begins Wednesday, October 2nd at 19:00 at the Richelieu Vanier Community Centre, 300 avenue des Pères Blancs, Ottawa. Registration can be handled on the first night of class, or if you prefer to pre-register, simply do so through the City’s website here: http://ottawarec.ca/fac/175/fall/all/act/97/5003/.

You can find a map here.


Les Maîtres d’Armes practise a medieval martial art known as Armizare, passed down through manuscripts from 15th century Italy. It includes a variety of disciplines, including wrestling, dagger, longsword, sword in one hand, spear and armoured combat, which encapsulates a form of sword combat known as “half-swording” as well as pollaxe combat from Le Jeu de la Hache, a Burgundian manuscript dedicated to the use of the most knightly of weapons: the pollaxe.

Beginners will be introduced to the core disciplines and the concepts thereof, which is to say wrestling, dagger and longsword, with an emphasis on balance, structure, fluidity and building the skills necessary to progress as a martial artist and swordsman/woman.