Companion Rank challenge

Last night we had three candidates challenge for the rank of Companion.  FYI, our rank of Companion is analogous to other groups’ scholar rank in the scholar -> free scholar -> provost, etc. hierarchy, but we use it for linguistic purposes, since the English names sound like crap in French.

We put the candidates through their paces for 2 hours, and in fact cut it slightly short since the Salle we rent was closing.  The candidates performed admirably throughout the test, showing their skills in footwork, wrestling, dagger and sword, including 1 dagger bout and two longsword bouts where the onus was not on winning, but on  displaying good technique, proper attack from behind cover, timing, structure, footwork and proper defensive maneuvers (aka coolness under pressure.)

So, without further adieu, I would like to welcome Rachel Beauchamp, Maxim Zakurdaev and Christian Comeau to the rank of Companion, having successfully completed their challenge.  Our school is proud to have them, and we are the better for having them in our midst.  Congratulations, and may your journey continue to be as fruitful!