Companion Class notes 28/04/09

We continued work on the dagger plays, specifically the first remedy master of dagger. I took the opportunity to record some of the plays in training. NOTE: These aren’t picture-perfect interpretations, but rather videos of students practising the plays.

The basic premise is to work through the first remedy plays and counters. We did this from various positions and distances: moving into the attack across the centerline, stationary, moving back and passing or pivoting offline to the right.

We then integrated the disarm and strike. The strike, whether it lands or not, will force the Companion to react and more often than not flinch, helping to break his balance and deploy the techniques.

It soon became obvious to the students that different plays work from different distances, but that the main action of Fiore’s daga plays is to attack the weapon arm, breaking the attack.

Some variants I didn’t capture, notably the two-hand ligadura mezana turning into a ligadura soprana and a backward throw – the camera had run out of memory, and I was dutifully transferring to my laptop while folks practised. Sorry.

Without further distraction, here are the videos. Take them for what they’re worth.

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