Companion Class notes 26/05/09

Tonight’s class focused largely on tactical considerations, namely sentimento de ferro and working from the bind.

  • Poste dance (a kata-like series of movements integrating footwork and guards)
  • Discussion on the bind and types of binds – neutral, hard or soft – as well as type of pressure applied – sideways pressure, downward pressure or forward pressure and the appropriate responses. Exercise followed to practice this.
  • True times exercise. Cutting behind cover and in true time. Player stands on posta di donna, Companion in posta breve. When Player initiates his attack, the Companion thrusts. If the Player is cutting in true time *and* covering as he attacks, he is safe. Otherwise, thrust lands. Careful with the thrust – Player is moving into it…
  • Sentimento di ferro exercise. Players begin in posta longa and in response to the Companion’s pressure (or lack thereof), the Player must either push through with a thrust or cut over tutta volta.
  • Sentimento de ferro exercise. Players must try to displace the others’ point while keeping their own on-line.
  • Feint/second-intention exercise: Attacker cuts fendente mandritto to the Companion. The Companion covers. Or not. The Player must commit his attack if the cover does not occur, and change the line otherwise without making blade contact.
  • Cover exercise. Coming to the bind at mezza spada from different measures and actions. Focus on the mezza spada. Discussion involving the importance of the bind at the half-sword versus the tip or the forte.

Practice was vigourous and we were glad to have Norman back. Continued next week.