Companion Class notes 17/03/09 – 24/03/09

Class notesbr /br /Monday, march 17 2009br /br /· Warm upbr /· Falling exercise – backward static falls progressively from sitting, squatting then standing /· Unbalancing exercise – Hands behind the back, we attempted to unbalance our Companion by entering and occupying space while removing the platform (leg).br /· Throw exercise – hip throw exercise. We attempted to enter statically, lowering the hips beneath our Companion’s while turning. Going no further than the lift, maintain balance and return to the /· Wristlock exercise – we did outside wristlocks. While there are no demonstrable wristlocks in Fiore’s manuscript, we practiced these techniques as an introduction to the 5th master of dagger and to illustrate the principles of joint control. Controlling three joints controls the Companion and allows him to be taken down. Done from the same side to the outside, first statically then at moderate speed then as a counter to a grab followed by a punch. Retreating with a volta stabile throws the Companion off /br /br /Monday, march 24 2009br /br /· Warm upbr /· Falling exercise – similar to week before. Added in assisted falling backwards – just a gentle push to get the body moving /· Throw exercise – hip throws. Get hips under, lift. Progresses to a more dynamic lift, with movement, taking one step forward, one back while pivoting to get into /· Wristlock exercise – outside wristlocks. Done statically, then more at /· Inside wristlock – avoiding the temptation to turn it into an arm bar, followed by a controlled /· Armbar from collar grip – second play of abrazarebr /· Examination of plays of the 5th master of dagger from a wrestling point of view.