Companion Class notes 11/05/09

Once again we worked on the first remedy master plays, focusing on the first plays – disarm, ligadura mezana, the two-hand ligadura mezana (keep forgetting to work the variant – the leg lift!) and the figure-4 ligadura soprana. We also practiced the backward throw from the Getty version (seventh play of the first remedey master).

All this was done at at least 3/4 speed with the focus on fluidity and completing the play (takedown and control once on the ground). It is interesting to note that one of the best methods of controlling once on the ground is to apply the knee to the head or neck of the Companion, much like in modern police and military combatives. Just goes to show there’s nothing new under the sun.

Of course, if the plays are applied forcefully and with speed and intent to injure, there is often little chance of the Companion resisting, but it is safe and sure practice nonetheless.

We sequed briefly into the third remedy master to treat with a Companion who feints and tries to fake us out, or in the event he applies the remedy to the first play. Either way, he ends up in the mezani roverso position and all the plays of the third remedy master apply, assuming you’re not already stuck like a pig.

We finished with some looseplay incorporating only the plays practiced in the past weeks. It was interesting to note the progression, and it is encouraging to find that our proposed method of training 3/3/3 (three weeks wrestling, dagger then longsword) is showing definite results.

The one thing we need to practice more diligently is to not stop when we think we’ve “got him.” but to complete the plays as prescribed. This sort of stop and wait mentality could get you maimed. Since we try to practice this as diligently as possible within the realm of safety, it is unwise to enact the sporting mentality of “did I score a hit?” We’ll work on that, I promise…

BTW, forgot my camera. Some of the plays were really well executed.