Companion class notes 10/08/09

I’ve bee remiss in posting of late. Of course, summer’s here, training is lax, and so is attendance. Such is life.

I’ve been wanting to get back to basics – seems I’m always about the basics – and take a look at basic parries. Crossing the blade. And this from different angles. Seems folks have trouble with mezani and sottani blows. I figured we’d work on those for a bit.

So, fendente, cross at mezza spada – depending on angle of incidence, we get a nice deflection or a bind. Next.

Mezani, cross at mezza spada, keep hands low, point higher. Try to not let the point stray too far outside the Companion’s silhouette. A hard bind.

Sottani, cross at mezza spada. Ouch – these are harder on the edges. Try to keep the blade aligned towards the Companion, point up – it’ll soften the blow, but still. Such is life.

Then some sentimento di ferro drills.

There are a few types of pressure in the bind:

  • Slightly to the side – reaction: mezza volta and hit him in the side of the head.
  • Far to the side and/or downward – reaction: tutta volta and hit him from the other side
  • Towards you (the proper response) – reaction: volta stabile into posta di finestra and take the foible, thrusting to his face or chest.
  • Weak – reaction: cut or thrust through the bind.
  • Up, Companion moving into posta frontale – reaction: slip the point out and under, thrusting at the Companion.

Practice this in pairs for awhile, then do it again with the eyes closed. That last part was really cool, and takes the visual aspect out of it. You no longer use visual cues for stimuli, but have to actual “feel” what’s going on. Everybody did quite well, actually.

Some days I think I may be doing something right…