Companion Class notes 09/06/09

Frankly, we didn’t do too much. After this last weekend’s tournament, we viewed photos and reviewed video of the fights. Lots of good things going on, just as many things to correct – footwork, attacking out of measure, attacking without regard for closing the line, etc. Still, a good time was had by all, and that’s what really counts.

After that, we did some sword work – specifically drills meant to correct some of the above. First drill is a “closing the line” drill while attacking. Companion stands in posta breve, the Player must attack fendente while closing the line or risk getting stabbed. The thrust happens as soon as the Companion sees the Player move, so not closing the line is bad mojo…

Second drill was to practice protecting the hands. Mostly the same drill as above, but the hands become the target. The Player must make a committed attack, and when the Companion tries to strike his hands, prevent that by covering.

Third drill kind of mixes up the above two. Player and Companion stand before one another, the latter in posta longa or breve. The Player must attack fendente mandritto. The Companion can choose among several options:

  1. Thrust when the attack commences, forcing the Player to cover
  2. Snipe the hands, forcing the Player to withdraw his hands and cover
  3. Change through under the sword to attack fromthe other side, forcing the Player to cover against the changing line.

All these things are meant to do mostly one thing: get the sword to move first, and don’t enter measure until the sword covers you.

Incidentally, everyone did quite well.