Companion Class notes 04/05/09


Video. I’m liking video. It’s fast becoming a staple tool in our training. We reviewed the video from last week’s training to see where there was improvement to be made. Notably, Bernard’s footwork – the lead foot has a small tell, moving before the attack or defence. We’ll work on that… His cover is slightly too high and outside, rather than driving back to break the attack. Good stuff. Mind you, none of these are criticisms aimed at Bernard himself, but rather lessons to be learned for all. We discussed some adjustments to Sebastien’s techniques as well. Incidentally, thanks to those that left comments and others who emailed me. I appreciated your comments, and for the most part agree. We tweaked some aspects with regards to those comments as well.

This week, we continued our work on the first remedy master – indeed the same plays as last week. This time we focused on fluidity and completing the play. We have a tendency to not follow through, and this affects our application of the techniques in sparring. So – follow through all the way to the ground. Disarm, strike, throw. Ligadura mezana, strike, takedown, control on the ground. As for fluidity, the plays were executed at about 1/2-3/4 speed, but the focus was on not pausing between actions.

Note on some plays: for reasons that should be obvious, plays such as the ligadura mezana were not brought to their full conclusion (i.e. popping the shoulder out of its socket prior to the final takedown). The Companion was locked up, then taken down with all due diligence for safety. We like our people, after all… And FYI: fluidity does not equal speed. Speed can be a result of fluidity, but there is not necessarily a direct correlation. Therefore, the emphasis was on not pausing between chained techniques and not on doing the plays at blinding speed. That’ll come later. 🙂

Got some video that I’ll post later – no time to edit for now