Companion Class notes 02/06/09

Continuing with sword work from last week, we did some drills – first for sentimento di ferro then for flow and fluidity.

  • Sentimento di ferro drill from posta longa, blades in contact. Companion applies pressure, or takes off. Companion must react accordingly.
  • Progression from above drill – both practitioners from posta di donna. Companion cuts, player must cover. Depending on pressure, Player must react accordingly.
  • Variant: Companion cuts, Player covers. Companion must then react according to drill. For those not paying attention, the defender reacts in the first drill whereas the attacker reacts in the second…
  • Chaining attacks drill: Player and Companion face each other in guard. The Player must make three successive attacks, which the Companion must cover. On the third attack, the Companion must counter and regain initiative.
  • Variant on the drill: This time, after the third attack, the attacker must follow through depending on pressure.
  • Colpi mezani covers – countercut using a mezani dritto versus a fendente roverso. Important to void with a step offline. Mezani countercut versus fendente mandritto. Remember to keep hands high to cover your head. Principle involved – take the opponent’s flat when it is presented to you. Mechanics involved: stepping offline, voiding with distance, keep hands high so gemoetry keeps you safe…