Companion Class – Monday, April 20th

This class I decided to take some time and explain in-depth the structure of the manuscript, using the dagger section of the manuscript as a jumping-off point.  Therefore we saw the “First masters of Battle” that illustrate the principles germane to that section.  These are followed by the Remedy Masters, Counter-Remedy Masters and in rare cases the Contra-Counter Remedy.  We visited the scholars or Players of each Master as well as the devices used to denote each one – crown, garter, crown and garter, etc.

I then tied all this into Fiore’s explanation of this in the prologue, and how he tells us it applies to all the other sections of the manuscript – daga, spada, azza, etc…

The significance of the Daga Masters was then discussed – the “First Masters of Battle”.  They depict takings, breaks, binds and takedowns.

We then discussed how Fiore makes forward and backward references in his manuscript, and how this affects our interpretations.  Similarly, the counter-remedies, while depicted as counters to specific techniques, can be applied regardless of the technique to be countered, as long as the situation allows it.  Therefore – all the counter remedies can be used against all the plays of the first remedy master.

So far, lots of blah blah, but necessary and worthwhile to the understanding of the manuscript as a whole.

We followed this with a simple drill – the first master remedy from different positions, alternating with the counter-remedy to the first play.

Progressing along this line, we integrated the disarm.

Further progression integrated strikes with the offhand to accompany the first remedy.  It was noted that accompanying the cover and/or disarm with a strike made the actual disarm easier as well as negating the possible counter-remedy since he’s got something else to worry about.  Furthermore, the integration of the strike with the offhand greatly increases the odds of success in other techniques of the first remedy master (or any master, for that matter) as well as poising it for a takedown, lock or other follow-on technique.

It was also noted that the first counter-remedy master takes you into a mezani roverso attack – a set up for the third remedy master of daga.  We will continue this progression next week.