Companion Class 17/10/2011

Good Companion-level class last night. We examined tactical applications of Fiore’s art, specifically breaking measure using cuts. We examined how target choice can affect the bind, and how to use that choice to elicit a given response from the adversary. Stepping out of Fiore canon, we used some winding (GASP!) while stepping offline to strengthen structure, then move back into stretto along a different line than what is normally used to maintain said structure.

We began by simply having our partner moving through different poste while we threw four different fendente – to the left shoulder, right shoulder, left elbow and a high fenente to the top of the head. Students were asked how each cut affected the bind. We then set up usage scenarios based on two of those cuts before running out of time.

The goal: Choose your attack so as to draw out a given response, limiting your opponent’s options so that you can a) safely enter and b) plan your response based on your partner’s limited choices.

Next week: more of the same, drawing out a response and seeking a bind.