Companion class 17/05/2010

Tonight was a preparatory class for the June 5th pas d’armes.  We began by performing cuts and thrusts from posta di finestra (I know, I’m a pain in the ass with that, but seriously folks – you need work, and frankly, I dislike fighting from finestra and so never put any emphasis on it.  That said, my shortcoming or failings should not be yours, therefore you will learn to work from this posta…)

After the warm-up, I went lazy and had the class do a “pre-packaged” drill: Guy Windsor’s “first drill.”  You can search for the video online or just check to look it up.  For posterity, here are the steps:

  1. Cut fendente to the Companion’s head.
  2. Companion sets aside this thrust using frontale and an acressere to the left, counterthrusting with a step to move to the open line.
  3. Counter this thrust by inverting the sword, pommel forward and closing distance to pommel the Companion.
  4. The Companion applies the first remedy of dagger to counter the pommel strike, moving his point online for the thrust.  Use the appropriate dagger play as necessary, depending on measure.
After that, we had some guests that are volunteering to be judges at the pas d’armes.  We did some light freeplay so that they could “wet their feet” as it were, and get a feel for what they will be doing.  They quickly understood that judging blows in a “continuous flow” fight context is not easy, even less so for dagger.
And oops, I bent my Darkwood training dagger on JF’s chest.  I thought it would have more spring…  Oops.