Companion Class 15/06/09

We worked Fiore’s abrazare tonight. We warmed up using breakfalls and rolls before moving on to specifics.

  • Mechanics of the hip throw
  • Hip throw drill, using Fiorean mechanics (stance is wider than judo, for instance)
  • Balance and unbalancing drills – partners face one another, flat footed, and attempt to unbalance one another. First one to step “dies.” Following this, we add in one step, from a proper stance. Aside from teaching balance, it makes you think tactically. since you have but one step allotted, do you use it for attack or defence? Kind of a “pushing hands” drill.
  • Took a look at Fiore’s 5th master of daga and how the collar grabs are countered, as well as how this pertains to abrazare. Will work on these next week.
  • Also want to work on strikes and covers, entering.

It quickly becomes clear that the wrestling portion is not our strong suit. We need to go back to basics and work up from there. We can all do the throws and binds shown in the Fiore manuscript, but we can’t really wrestle. Fiore assumes some knowledge of basics that we don’t possess, and it shows in our practice.

Things we need to fix:

  • Falling from a height. It’s scary.
  • Incorporating strikes and their covers
  • Entering techniques
  • Sensitivity – when the companion shifts his balance, take advantage of that shift in weight to take him down.