Class notes 29/09/2010

After a hiatus, I’m going to try and catch up and post the class outlines for the past few weeks.  Slammed with work and life in general.

We began with a simple lesson on stance and some practice – forward, back weighted, neutral.
  • Footwork – engaging the hip (exercise stolen from Sean Hayes – thank, friend!)
  • Balance – an explanation of what balance is, how we maintain it dynamically and how to break it.  Essentially, pushing or pulling either along the diagonal formed by the line between the legs, or across it (“Crossing the T”) after which we can exploit either the resulting off-balance or the attempt by our opponent to rectify the unbalance by “helping” them.
  • We did some static balance exercises (mostly similar to happo no kuzushi, of Judo fame) as an introduction.
  • Dynamic balance exercises followed, with both partners moving.  Essentially, simply trying to accentuate the movement offline (along the diagonal) when the opponent steps forward or backward.
  • Poste (abrazare) and their application, both conceptually and physically.
  • The poste dance.
  • An application of the poste – against a punch by the Companion, block to the inside and bring your offhand to bear, accentuating the unbalanced condition his commitment gives.  This is basically a hand throw.