class notes – 13/10/2010

  • Poste exercise
  • Footwork exercises: move through the Salle quickly using varying footwork and high-five everybody.  Stance stepping exercise.  Everything done on the toes, or ball of the foot (heel lifted high off the ground) to accentuate the movement.
  • Unbalancing exercise – changed somewhat from before.  The Companion is holding on to the Player’s lapel or shoulder, and the Player steps slightly wide to unbalance, moving both forward and back.  Remember: crowd him slightly when he is moving backward, overstep slightly when he is moving forwards.  This accentuates the unbalancing along the line between the feet.
  • Unbalancing exercise : Changing timing somewhat, as he steps forward, crowd him towards his (now) back leg, creating an unbalance.
  • As he steps forward, step across his T towards him, creating an unbalance.
  • The chiave flow drill : overhand hamer fist to first master remedy (ligadura mezana).  The Companion tries to reverse this, prompting the Player to move into the arm bar.  Trying to retreat from the armbar, the Player applies the ligadura soprana.  Finally, in an attempt to save his arm, the Companion reverses the ligadura soprana and the Companion applies the chiave forte.
  • Abrazare flow drill 1.  Steps follow below.
  1. Companion steps in for a throw using posta longa.  Conceivably, this could be a grab or even a punch.
  2. the Player locks down the Companion’s hand and applies the first play – move into an arm bar.
  3. The Companion, in an attempt to save his arm, collapses distance to employ the second play – the spine lock (interestingly, this is done in reaction to the first play, not as an option of the first master dependent on pressure, although the same lessons apply.)
  4. Deploying the elbow push, the Player displaces the Companion and applies a collar throw.