Class notes 06/10/2010

  • A stance balance exercise – move from one stance to the other sloooowwwwwlllllyyyy, as Guy would call it “treacle speed.”  I had to look up treacle, by the way.  We’ll just call it molasses speed.  This works wonders for balance and strength training.
  • Engaging the hip exercise – by moving from one posta to the other using a mezza volta and first extending the arm to engage the hip.  Thank you again, Sean.  This not only engages the hips, but helps teach the proper sequence of actions – extend, engage, pass.  Wish I’d thought of it.
  • Stance stepping.  Moving from a back weighted to a forward weighted stance, passing and back to a rear-weighted stance.
  • Dynamic balance exercise – both people stepping to accentuate unbalance.
  • Punch to unbalance both inside and outside.  the first moves you along the diagonal formed by the feet, the other across it in an effort to unbalance the Companion, compromising his structure.
  • Forward and backward falling exercises.
  • An explanation of the 1st three plays of abrazare and how they are a lesson on distance and pressure that is applied universally throughout the MS.

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  1. Motley

    "I had to look up treacle, by the way. We'll just call it molasses speed."

    LOL!!!!! you should try finding some where to buy it over here!

    Dan S

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