Blog post: Companion class 24/09/2012

This week, we picked up where we last left off – playing with measure and provocations. Class started with the last drill from last class, just to get warmed up and as a refresher. From there, we went to playing with a point-on guard and enticing a thrust.

Students were to begin in porta di ferro versus a point-online guard. By teasing the edge of measure, the Companion provokes a thrust from the Player, which he will exchange or break. Remember, the point is to provoke a desired response – in this case, the thrust. Be wary to not step too close into measure, since a thrust is delivered quickly. The main point to remember was to play at the edge of measure, and exchange the thrust if your point was in presence, and break it it was out of presence.

The drills progressed as they did the previous week, beginning in a linear fashion, and progressing to having one person (the “provoker”) enter the edge of measure to provoke an attack. Then both partners were to circle one another, exchanging attacks and maintaining proper measure. Remember, it is up to the defender in this case to manage measure to his advantage by staying on the edge, while the attacker wants to close somewhat closer to facilitate his attack and open up his follow-up options.

We’ll be continuing our series of classes on longsword provocations and entering measure for the next few weeks, with next weeks class focusing (in general) on changing poste to provoke an attack.