Apprentice Class 4/11/09

We began class with a warmup, of course, followed by a simple sensitivity and spatial awareness drill.  In short, partners stand facing one another, touching each others’ hands held out in front of them, palms down.  One partner closes his eyes, and the other steps in a random direction, “leading” the other.  Using sensitivity through the hand, the Player follows the partners lead.

We then reviewed last weeks class and the abrazare poste dance, focusing first on mechanics then on fluidity.  This was followed by a return on last weeks class and the abrazare drills.  I gave “the speech” and most people grokked it, so that was good.  I’ll refrain from commenting on a specific case…

Dagger work came next, beginning with the dagger poste dance, and then the onus was simply on the block of the first master of dagger done from different measures and using different footwork: acressere in to the attack, remain stationary, and stepping offline to the right.  This was done not only to reinforce footwork and mechanics, but to underline the point that you can never predict where an attack will come from, so it’s best to practice from different positions.

The disarm was then integrated into the drill from these same different measures.  Students were instructed to perform the same mechanic regadless of measure, giving us the ligadura mezana from close measure and a disarm from longer measure.  We did not visit collapsed measure and the takedown, as we will visit this option next week.  More advanced students were instructed to close the measure and perform a strike and takedown in closing.

Class ended on a positive note, and I’d like to end by welcoming Adam and Richard, who were officially invited to join the school and the ranks of the Apprentices.

For reference, here is the daga poste dance drill (video will likely follow):

  1. Begin in porta di ferro sempia, left foot forward
  2. Strike mezani mandritto with a passare
  3. Reverse and strike mezani roverso, without stepping or with a slight acressere
  4. Grasp blade in posta frontale dopia incrosada
  5. Pass back to porta di ferro dopia incrosada, ending left foot forward
  6. Grip switch and attack sottani with a pass
  7. Grasp blade and raise into posta frontale dopia with a traverse pass left
  8. Volta stabile into posta longa, switching grips
  9. Attack fendente with a volta stabile and return to porta di ferro sempia