Advanced Class 2014/01/29

A continuation of last weeks bridging technique to application theme. This time we looked at how to cross that initial stage of the fight and get your self to a place within which to act. We looked at forcing your partner to move physically to create an opportunity to act safely and we looked at using pressure to create an opportunity. We primarily looked at use of preparation actions to do these things.

We started with some footwork drills, as without footwork you will never find your self in the right place to act. Without that, nothing else matters. So we did some advance-/retreat pyramid drills and than some 5×5’s and repeated this with chasing footwork. Focus on clean, crisp and snappy footwork with an explosive direction change. Stomping slightly on each footfall (pitter-patter) helps clean up sloppy foot drags and hopping.

Next we looked at one of the simpler provocations in a more restricted drill. Working from Longa to tie into the beginner class we preformed an upward beat followed by passing out and in with a downward cut down the opposite line – the “ribbon cut”. This provided an opportunity to see the invitation (dropping the blade) along with the preparation (upward beat) and use of footwork to make you safe to attack and lastly the attack itself. This was of course executed dynamically with your partner using there feet to make it harder to execute. Dead feet make baby-Fiore cry.

Following this we had a brief discussion of some other preparation options and how to apply them against refused guards. I wanted to also talk about the invitation aspect, but I seem to have completely forgotten to include that. So, just to restate; invitation -> preparation -> attack. Then we moved into a build-a-drill trying to work a preparation/attack as the opening play. We built a few drills, debriefed about how that was going. We then dialled it up a bit into robot drills where the robot was to apply a preparation into each attack. Robots were encouraged to apply more pressure and give less recovery time between each attack from last week.