Advanced class 12/02/2014

After a fast-paced, high energy fundamentals class, it’s always good to relax with a high-energy, moderately paced (since we were gassed) advanced class.

Following the 1st and 3rd remedy class we had just completed, I thought it would be interesting to visit the 1st remedy master as done from grips, in close quarters. This, of course, changes the force levels, measure, and several other parameters of the remedy. Students were subjected to close-quarters multiple attacks from a grip position, and had to defend and gain control of the weapon. Following this, they were instructed to not only control the weapon, but apply a technique of the first remedy master from this set up.

After the 1st remedy, the next most likely candidate was visited – a good ol’ prison yard shanking. The 9th master from a grip position. The same parameters applied to the exercise, and after several variations, people were gassed. ┬áThese were followed by an exercise whereby rather than defend the attack, the defenders were instructed to anticipate the attack and try to either suppress the weapon as/before it was drawn, or simply steal it outright.

We ended with a variation of the end of the previous class, whereby students were instructed to defend against their attacker who would attack with a mandritto or sottani, but the defender was in a corner against the wall, and could only leave the corner once he was in control of the weapon. This led to some interesting exchanges, although safety was an important concern, given the constraints of the set up.