2011 Fête D’armes

This year will mark find LMA hosting yet another fête d’armes for its students and select guests.  It will once again take place at Lac Leamy during the Family Festival held there.  We are fortunate to have this venue, and hope the weather will cooperate.  The date for the event is Saturday, June 4th, morning until dinner.

This year, there should be more armoured bouts, done in the manner of a 15th century pas d’armes (passage of arms) where armoured men at arms challenged each other to duels with weapons of war (read: sharp) according to rules set out in “chapters of arms.”  In this instance, the challenger will touch the armorial shield of the person he wishes to fight.  Should the person accept the challenge, they will meet in the lists with spear, pollaxe, sword and dagger until the victory conditions set forth in the chapters of arms are met.

As usual, LMA students and instructors will be on-site to answer any and all questions folks may have.  Hope to see you there!